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Baby Fashion Dress Red

Baby Fashion Dress Red
Baby Fashion Dress Red

Kids clothes wholesale made of high quality cotton fabric and made in our own factories in Vietnam. We are a one-stop manufacturer with full logistic support to our customer door. Order now with us kids clothes wholesale made in Vietnam.

Product Stock Status

Stock Status NowPre-Order = Not ready stock, so needs to do Re-production for this design
Production time

7 days for less than 1000 pieces

10 days for 1000 - 5000 pieces

14 days  for 20,000 pieces

30 days more than 100,000 pieces

Stock Origin
Our own factory in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam
Can be delivered Internationally

Production MOQ

Minimum Order Quantity

500 sets in total you can mix many colors and sizes

each color 60 sets (based on the size range you request)

Product Price
Production price (FOB) = Not including shipping fees, We can only deliver to your shipping forwarder in Vietnam

Product Details

Product NameBaby Doll Fashion Set kids clothes wholesale
100% cotton high quality

You can request for your own size range

Standard Size range: 2-6 Years Old

5 sets per 1 color

2T : (1-2 years old) = 6-8kg

3T : (2-3 years old) =  8-10kg

4T : (3-4 years old) = 10-12kg

5T : (4-5 years old) =  12-14kg

6T : (5-6 years old) =  14-16kg

Place of Origin
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (made in our own factory)
QualityHigh Quality Guaranteed

7-14 days Internationally (to any country by Air only) 

1 month by sea cargo

FeaturesKids skin-friendly, soft, natural, comfortable, breathable, durable, high quality

Product Description

Fabric type: 100%  premium cotton with soft and spandix 

This is perfect kids clothes for your kids which really can wear daily or parties, let them enjoy their playful times with love and comfort with the premium fabrics that are soft and skin friendly. 

Factory info: We are located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city which  is easier to access for shipping to shorten the time for delivery, we are also the best to do customization for your own product and customer orientation. Just make a call or drop message to us and all your things will be solved. Best solution for wholesalers and 1 stop factory with all in service and full logstic support to your door!

Kids clothes wholesale vietnam factory with Joyful colors that can suits any event. Perfect for summer and spring season. We can custom made the fabric itself with the pattern you propose. So you can customize your own fabric pattern, size, colors, design and everything. In our factories, we monitor the production from raw fabrics into the final design, therefore we guarantee the quality. 

Quality products for kids made by Jannat Asia Trading Sdn. Bhd., we provide guarantee on the quality and price upon purchasing.

Pre-Order Process:

   - Process Flow:


   - Plenty of Fabrics to Choose From:

Packaging & Delivery (Malaysia)

1 package = 1 bundle = 1 color (size 2-8 years old) = 7 pieces

Boys Summer Sleeveless Short Play set cotton ready stock Carters' kids clothes wholesale comes in 7 colors with 7 different sizes.

Packaging & Delivery (International)

As we are looking to be as eco friendly as possible, we suggest to reduce the plastic packaging. Normally we pack 5-10 pcs in one big poly bag, then some bags in one 5-ply standard export carton. We accept to make custom logo box packing, drawstring bag , logo insert cards etc.  

Deliverying to Our Customers Proof

We are one-stop manufacturer with full logistic support to our customer door. All of what our customer will do, is just to choose the designs and pay online, and then their order is delivered to their door.

Payment Transactions Proof & Methods

We offer secure and trusted online payment method like Stripe, where we send an official invoice with payment link to our customer email. Customers can pay through Visa or MasterCard. Stripe can be used for customers from all around the world.

Customers Reviews

Office and Factory

We are registered in 4 strategic international locations: Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur (Main office), Vietnam - Binh Phouc, Saudi Araiba - Jeddah, Canada -Toronto. Our factories are located in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi cities. 

Factory Production Capacity

Factory production capacity: 300,000 sets monthly. 

While maintaining good quality, better price, and delivery on time.

Company Profile

Kids clothes wholesale made in Vietnam by Jannat asia trading, you can contact us directly to purchase your order. Quality products for kids made by Jannat Asia Trading Sdn. Bhd., we provide guarantee on the quality and price upon purchasing.

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